Project Progress of Gs Metrocity Nha Be

Apartment Gs Metrocity Nha Be

In June 2018, Gs Korea officially launches the market of Gs Metrocity Nha Be urban area with the size up to 349 hectares, the investor develops into a complex urban area with a full range of services. The highest class and luxury in the city. Ho Chi Minh.

Project Progress of Gs Metrocity Nha Be

When launching the project many interested in the project wonders Progress of project Gs Metrocity Nha Be in what period? have cleared the site, when the project is completed, the project investment capital and how many questions asked by customers.

Progress of the Metrocity project in Nha Be which investors will develop according to each area of ​​the urban area.

Project Progress of Gs Metrocity Nha Be

On the scale of the metropolitan area of ​​Gs Metrocity Nha Be

Investor: Prof. of Korea as an investor

Area of ​​urban area: 349,36 Ha

Nha Be Gs Metrocity is divided into three main subdivisions:

– Zone A Linear, area 115,155 ha

– Zone B Peninsula Center Peninsula and Gateway City, area 57,804 ha

– Area C Park city, an area of ​​76,482 ha

Nha Be Gs Metrocity urban area developed into a complex of fully equipped luxury services and facilities.

Gs Metrocity apartment project

Gs Metrocity villa project

Gs Metrocity project

Project house shop Gs Metrocity

Location of Gs Metro city Nha Be: Located in Phuoc Kieng – Nhon Duc – Nha Be District – Ho Chi Minh City. The system of linking the main routes is extremely convenient for the potential of the project growing.

The project of Gs Metrocity Nha Be is in the process of leveling, in the process of loading test.

We will schedule the Gs Metrocity Continuity Project Continuously in each phase of the project. You regularly update information to visit the website for information