Address of project Gs Metrocity Nha Be

Project Progress of Gs Metrocity Nha Be

Newspaper news network often referred to the Gs Metrocity project is considered the most modern metropolis in the area of ​​Saigon South as the owner of the US investment, many people curious Whether this urban area includes utilities … and where does the urban area have advantages? Many questions asked by the person concerned.

Address of project Gs Metrocity Nha Be

This article will give you an overview of what the location and area linking to the project is.

Gs Metrocity Project is invested by Ha Quoc Group, located in Phuoc Kieng Commune, Nhon Duc District, Nha Be Dist. Ho Chi Minh. The location of the project has an unobstructed transportation system that links with the City’s key roads, helping the residents of the city to travel quickly and conveniently.

Address of project Gs Metrocity Nha Be

From Project Location Gs Metrocity Project to the main points:

– It takes 9 km to move to the center of District 1, HCMC. HCM

– It takes 4.5 Kms to travel to Phu My Hung Urban Area, RMIT International University, Ton Duc Thang University, French International Hospital, Vivo City Trade Center, Lotte Korea Supermarket. … ..

– It is 7 km from Nha Be Metro Station, Nha Be to the port of Hiep Phuoc Nha Be

The project of Metro City Nha Be includes the following main directions:

South direction: view towards Nguyen Binh road

In the North: heading to Rach Ong

West: oriented towards surrounding projects such as Lavila, Ninesouth

East: towards Nguyen Huu Tho main street linking Phu My Hung Urban Area, District 7.

Project Location Gs Metrocity Nha Be Located at Phuoc Kieng – Nhon Duc – Nha Be District – Ho Chi Minh City.

Gs Metrocity House Nha Be


Project Location Gs Metro city Nha Be: Located in Phuoc Kieng – Nhon Duc – Nha Be District – Ho Chi Minh City.

Project Name: Metro City Metro

Owner: Korea GS Corporation

Area of ​​urban area: 349,36 Ha

GS Metrocity Nha Be is divided into 03 subdivisions, namely:

Area A: area: 115,15589 ha

Area B: Central Peninsula and Cua Al urban area with an area of ​​57,80464 ha

Area C: The urban park has an area of ​​76.48204 ha

Project Gs Metrocity Nha Be: Gs Metrocity project Nha Be has a beautiful location and transportation system links the convenient areas to help residents live and work in the metropolitan Gs Metrocity Nha Be quickly connect with the district, center adjacent to the existing urban Phu My Hung with many modern facilities.

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